Demidov International

Teacher Certification Program


The Demidov Teachers Certification program was established by the International Demidov Association and Professor Andrei Malaev-Babel in 2020. It is a three-year comprehensive curriculum, aimed at training teachers around the world, capable of cultivating a new formation of actors. Demidov pedagogues are deeply steeped in the principles, the values and the ways of the Organic Technique, while their teaching is rooted in admiration and respect for the actors and their creative process.  


The three-year certification course takes place both online and offline, giving participants a unique opportunity to master the philosophy and tactics of the Demidov School of Acting. Hailed as “pedagogy of the future” by key Russian theatre masters, Demidov School of Acting asks teachers in training to engage in sustained, rigorous practice that consists of four major activities: 


  • Experiencing the Demidov School first-hand – gaining and sustaining essential instincts of living onstage and character facilitation by participation in guided acting exercises, or Demidov etudes, and conducting independent scale homework.
  • Observing the Teaching of the Demidov School – gaining insight, from observation, into the expert teaching of the Demidov School, including teaching processes and strategies, Demidov School principles in action, facilitation and support techniques, fundamental actors' mistakes and successes. 
  • Understanding the School’s Philosophy – gaining sufficient theoretical understanding of the Demidov School and being able to communicate it to students. 
  • Applying the Demidov School – gaining ability to demonstrate proficiency in facilitation of the Demidov School. 


There are 3 participants in the inaugural Demidov International Teacher Certification program. All of them demonstrated their passion, dedication and commitment to the Demidov School prior to the start of the Certification Program. They come from the US, UK, Greece and they are set to graduate in 2023. 

Throughout their training and beyond, they hold an exclusive title of Demidov Association Teachers. 



Demidov Teacher Certification Program Structure:

  • 2 Classes per Week as observer and teacher-in-training with the Year-Long Online Acting Course; advancing to Course Leadership and Guest Teacher positions during the 2nd and 3rd years of Certification (15 credits)
  • 1 Class per Week with Professor Malaev-Babel (actor training, discussion of teaching strategies, etc.) (15 credits)
  • End-of-semester one-on-one meetings with Professor Malaev-Babel; individual consultation and assessment of progress (5 credits)
  • 2 Intensives per year in actor capacity (5 credits)
  • 2 Intensives per year in teacher-in-training capacity (5 credits)
  • Demidov Summer Course, participation as teacher-in-training (5 credits)
  • Independent scene-study/one-act-play Final Project (10 credits)
  • A total of 60 credits


Program Timeframe:

  •  3 calendar years commitment
  •  a minimum of 2 classes per week, except weeks of Intensives and Summer Course
  • Year One: 52 weeks (48 working weeks)
  • Year Two: 45 weeks (42 working weeks)
  • Year Three: 45 weeks (42 working weeks)
  •  Total Weeks: 142 (132 working weeks)
  •  Total Classes: 396 (not counting Intensives and Summer Courses)