The International Demidov Association, curated by Professor Andrei Malaev-Babel, unites teaching artists and acting studios based in the school of acting, pioneered by the Russian master-teacher, Nikolai Demidov. The Association is, first and foremost, an international network of trusted teachers, united by the lofty ideals of the Demidov School of Acting with chapters in London, Athens and Chicago. Training and curatorship, provided by the leading Demidov expert worldwide, Professor Andrei Malaev-Babel, sets the Association apart and brings unparalleled expertise and heightened standards to the Association’s activities.


The Demidov Association is dedicated to preserving the precision and accuracy behind Demidov’s teachings. A legacy of any great master-teacher is open to creative interpretation. Yet, Nikolai Demidov did not establish a system, a method or even a technique. He established a School that relies on

  • specific duration and frequency of training
  • perfect balance between classroom training and independent homework practices (scales)
  • unique methods of preparation for acting studio work, rehearsal and performance
  • set of qualities or cultures, practiced for one’s continued development as an actor
  • unparalleled character accumulation, facilitation and embodiment techniques
  • specific strategies and tactics of pedagogy
  • precise curriculum sequence
  • dedication to one-hundred-percent truth
  • absolute “non-approximation” of the actor’s process of living onstage
  • specific moral ethics of training, based in a teacher’s genuine faith in the actors’ inherent talent
  • organic methods of approaching a text and creating a role

Demidov insisted, that any school, however perfect, is ultimately destroyed by approximation. The Demidov Association is there to help actors, directors and teachers receive reliable and trusted, non-approximated experience in the Demidov School, to set standards and preserve ideals behind the Demidov School of Acting.

The Demidov Association is currently offering online and offline training in the Demidov Organic Acting Technique that includes:​